Grosvenor scholarship 2021

Basic Information

For the second consecutive year, the Grosvenor scholarships will allow to join the Master’s in Real Estate and Building Construction Companies’ Management (MDI) from the Technical University of Madrid


Grosvenor offers a full scholarship and two half-scholarships to three excellent candidates to take the MDI with the aim of reinforcing the ties between the University and one of the most relevant property companies in the world, while offering equal opportunities to access professional education and making a better real estate industry This also reinforces its goal of having a positive impact in the communities where the group develops its business.
Scope: the Grosvenor scholarships cover all tuition fees and the insurance required by the University for one student, and half of these costs for to students, to take the MDI in Madrid in 2021-2022. The fees for the printed diploma are not covered.

Beneficiaries:  Applicants must have finished their university studies before the star of the programme (September 2021) and must have been beneficiaries of the Spanish Ministry of Education scholarships in 2020-2021.

How to apply. Candidates must submit, via email to
-    A document including name, surname, postal address, mobile phone and id number (Spanish id card number, passport number or identification number for foreigners).
-    A letter for the selection committee, no longer than 500 words, explaining the role of the scholarship in their professional development project and why he or she constitutes a good candidate, as well as a reflection about how the mission and values of a company such as Grosvenor leads the candidate to be interested in taking the MDI.
-    Resumé
-    Postgraduate students: academic record for the postgraduate studies and graduate diploma.
-    Students finishing their graduate studies: academic record.
-    Copy of the letter of concession of the Spanish Ministry of Education’s Scholarship for 2020-2021.
The award of a Grosvenor Scholarship implies being admitted for the MDI as long as the stated conditions and UPM's regulations are met, and the UPM’s mandatory online registration process is completed. Candidates may require a personal interview beforehand to know the MDI in detail before applying to the scholarship.


Grosvenor offers a full scholarship and two half-scholarships to three excellent candidates to take the MDI 21-22 in Madrid.

All applications will be examined, in a blind process, in terms of the potential and motivation shown by candidates in the letter to the selection committee, their resumé and their academic record. Also, income may be taken into account.
Selection committee: it will by composed of Grosvenor’s Managing Director in Spain, Mrs. Fátima Sáez del Cano; Grosvenor Europe’s head of HR, Jane Goode, and Cecile Imabult, Head of Grosvenor’s financial department, along with Dr. Ramón Gámez, MDI Director.
Deadline: candidates can submit their documents until June 30th, 2021
Resolution: successful applicants will be contacted before July 15th, 2021
Not awarded scholarships: both parties reserve their right to not award one of more of the scholarships.
Data protection and image rights: all candidates accept the UPM’s form of data transfer to manage the data and documents provided for the selection process, as well as the communication of the awarding of the scholarship and the images of the awarding ceremony.


Grosvenor Europe
Grosvenor Europe invests in, develops and manages real estate assets in vibrant European cities including Paris, Stockholm and Madrid. As a part of Grosvenor Group, with a track record of over 340 years, our activities are designed to improve properties and places that will deliver lasting commercial and social benefit in the places we are active.

Our strategy for delivering social benefit identifies five priority areas where we believe we can have the most measurable impact on social and environmental sustainability: sustainable buildings, sustainable businesses and communities, health and wellbeing, nature and net zero carbon. In 2020 we launched our net zero carbon strategy, which commits us to reducing our total carbon impact by 50% by 2030. This strategy was approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative and verified in line with the most ambitious trajectory of the Paris Agreement, to limit global warming by 1.5oC.

As at 31 December 2020, we managed £1.7bn AUM of assets, including four residential development projects in Madrid (Jorge Juan 53, Modesto Lafuente 26, Garcia de Paredes 4 and La Esquina de General Arrando). We also own and manage several office buildings in Madrid, including the sustainable Idom building, MB One and Titan.

•    Web:
•    Twitter @GrosvenorEurope
•    Instagram @Grosvenor_europe
•    LinkedIn Grosvenor Group

About MDI
The MDI is the main real estate MBA taught in Spanish in the world. Offered since 1987 by the Technical University of Madrid it is taught by a teaching staff of international excellence including industry leaders and academics, providing our students with a wide, international vision of the future of the business around urban transformation, under the principles of a true sustainable development, taking into account the economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects involved.

The RICS-accredited programme is based in our world-renowned Architecture School, ETSAM, and is also organized, along with other leading universities in México City, Guatemala, Lima and soon in Bogotá.

The MDI has earned an excellent reputation, reinforced by the decisive role that more than 8.500 alumni play in the real estate industry at both sides of the Atlantic.

•    Web:
•    Twitter @MasterMDI
•    Instagram @Mastermdiupm
•    LinkedIn: Master MDI UPM


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