Cookies policy

The cookies are small files of documents that the website you visit place on your device or computer in order to store data that will be update and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation. They are widely used to make website work, or work more efficiently, as well to provide information to the owners of the Website

The cookies are made to improve the use and the functionality of the websites and to understand the better use that the users do to our Website and the tools and services that it provides. The storing of the cookies in your device or computer represents a simple and comfortable way of personalize or improve your experience in our Website and make your next visit more enjoyable. We will not use cookies to find personal information as your name; nevertheless, we can associate information contained in a cookie to your personal information collected by other means (i.e. general registration in Website)

The types of cookies that we use in are:

  • Session Cookies: The session cookies are designed to collect and store while the user gets in to the Website. They are usually used to store information that only interest to keep for the provision of the service requested by the user in a single occasion.
  • Persistent Cookies: The persistent cookies are a type of cookie in which the data is stored on the computer and can be accessed and processed during a period of time defined by the person responsible of the cookie, and it can range from a few minutes to several years.
  • Technique Cookies: They are those that allow the user to navigate trough a web page, platform, or application and the use of different options or services that exist in it.
  • Analysis Cookies: They are those that allow the responsible person of them, the monitor and analyze the behavior of the users of the websites to which they are linked
  • Own Cookies Are cookies created by this Website and the only one that can read them is the site itself. Our Website use persistent cookies for technical purposes
  • Third party cookies They are cookies created by third parties (Google Analytics) that we use to collect information for statistical purposes about the use of the website without personally identifying the visitors. These cookies are used to collect information about the use of the Website by visitors. These cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of users of the site, the most visited contents, etc.

Information about the way to disactivate or eliminate the cookies announced

You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed in your computer through the configuration of the options of the installed browser in your computer

For the configuration of our cookies and third party cookies the user can access:

  • Google Chrome: Tools → Configuration → Show advanced options → Content configuration → Cookies → Block the data of sites and cookies of thirds
  • Mozilla Firefox Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Use a personal configuration for the history (uncheck all boxes).
  • Internet explorer: Tools → Internet options → Privacy → Configuration of the internet zone (pull up the bar until block all the cookies)
  • Safari: Edition → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (choose always)