MDI Lima


As the MDI Lima is a dual degree, it offers additional contents, mostly focused on the management of building processes, and is organised into four modules:

Module I

July to November

This first module includes subjects related to business management and an introduction to the real estate and construction sectors, as well as an international seminar on new technologies.

Module II

November to February

After a trip to Mexico, the programme focusses on financial management, planning, and budget control in construction works. This knowledge is then consolidated in the consultancy module. There is also an international seminar on urban planning and sustainability.

Module III

February to April

Construction now becomes the main theme while aspects related to real estate investment are covered in an introduction to real estate marketing.

Module IV

May to July

Finally, the main concepts of a business plan for real estate development are presented and the preparation of the final dissertation begins.


A comprehensive vision

The programme works as an iterative process rather than teaching each subject linearly. The latter tend to repeat every trimester, gradually opening their scope and being applied to more complex study cases.


Multiple perspectives

Participants assume various roles during the course in order to provide them with the versatility needed to take on a variety of work positions, and to enable them to identify the priorities of stakeholders with whom they interact, eventually reaching successful agreements with them.


Guided learning

The master’s has an ambitious programme of tuition which allows students to work on case studies with the help of specialists in different areas. For the second case studies, in which groups compete again each other, each group has a primary tutor who helps them to develop a unique value proposal.


Your previous studies are not an obstacle to MDI

Lack of technical or financial training is mitigated by optional lessons at the beginning of the course. After graduation, you will be perfectly competitive in fields of knowledge about which you had no clue ten months previously.

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