MDI Lima Real Master of Real Estate (dual programme)

A Lifelong Learning Master’s Degree from UPM
Master’s Degree from CENTRUM-PUCP


The MDI Lima Real Master of Real Estate is a dual master’s degree programme under which you will receive a Spanish lifelong learning master’s and a Peruvian maestría. The MDI Lima gives you greater exposure to matters related with management of the construction process. It is articulated around five modules:

Module 1

In this first block of subjects, you will learn the basics of business administration, taxation and accounting, on the one hand, and of building design and urban sustainability, on the other, as well as get initial exposure to the real estate-specific content through an introduction to the sector and its analysis.

Module 2

Module 3

This module focuses on the skills needed to manage real estate projects and its subjects include economic and financial management, sales management, law and end-to-end management of the process.

Module 4

The fourth module is structured around property management, as with the earlier modules, tackling it from multiple perspectives: financial, sales, legal and end-to-end management, accompanied by subjects about related processes such as project, facility and property management.

Module 5

The last module of the programme addresses asset and portfolio management, project management, consultancy, quality management and after-sales management.


360º vision throughout

The MDI Lima Real Master of Real Estate is structured as an iterative process, rather than teaching each subject one after the other. The various subjects become increasingly complex from one quarter to the next as students learn how the various areas interact with each other.


Multiple perspectives

You will take on different roles throughout your post-graduate programme with the dual objective of giving you the versatility you need to work in very different positions and the know-how required to identify the priorities of the various agents you will come in contact with and reach agreements.


Guided learning

The MDI Lima Real Master of Real Estate is accompanied by an ambitious tutoring programme whereby students are helped by their individually-assigned tutors to prepare their case studies and dissertation, with access to the expertise of other faculty members as needed.


No need to worry about what you have studied before

Any lack of technical or financial training is covered by supplementary classes. By the end of the programme you will be fully competent in areas you knew nothing about a few months earlier.

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