Master of Real Estate

MDI Madrid Master of Real Estate
A Lifelong Learning Master’s Degree from UPM


The MDI Madrid Master of Real Estate is articulated around four case studies over three quarters:

Introductory courses


During the first four weeks of the programme we offer voluntary refresher classes (outside of class hours) in financial mathematics, accounting, Excel, business administration and construction. Promoción Residencial Promoción Residencial

Residential developments for subsequent sale

From September to November

The first case study consists of putting together, by selecting an actual site in Madrid, a full business plan for a residential development for subsequent sale. In parallel, you will begin to learn the basic valuation techniques. Promoción Residencial Inversión Patrimonial

Asset investment and management

From November to March

This is the most ambitious project in the programme. Selecting a real building that is on the market, the students draw up a value-added proposal for a mix of uses which they then have to defend before an investment committee made up of non-faculty specialists. Promoción Residencial Estrategia Empresarial

Investment vehicles


For a whole month you will focus on the capital markets, their exposure to the real estate sector, the structure of the main investment vehicles used and how real estate transactions are financed and you will apply this knowledge to your value-added investment case. In parallel, we will look at the leading international valuation standards, focusing in particular on RICS. Promoción Residencial Estrategia Empresarial

Business strategy

From May to June

This last block of classwork focuses on real estate portfolios and involves two projects, one in management consultancy and the other in intra-group innovation. Promoción Residencial Estrategia Empresarial


360º vision throughout

The MDI Madrid Master of Real Estate is structured as an iterative process, rather than teaching each subject one after the other. The various subjects are revisited each quarter, expanding on the content already taught and applying them to increasingly complex situations.


Multiple perspectives

You will take on different roles throughout your post-graduate programme with the dual objective of giving you the versatility you need to work in very different positions and the know-how required to identify the priorities of the various agents you will come in contact with, so as to able to reach agreements.


Guided learning

The MDI Madrid Master of Real Estate is accompanied by an ambitious tutoring programme whereby students can reach out to sector experts when working on their case studies. For the second case study, in which the project groups compete with each other, each group is assigned a primary tutor who helps them put together a unique value proposition.


No need to worry about what you have studied before

Any lack of technical and financial training is covered by supplementary classes throughout the first quarter. By the end of the programme you will be fully competent in areas you knew nothing about a few months earlier.

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